Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Newfoundland and Labrador Day 1 & 2 July 13-14


Day one was our travel day from Toronto to Deer Lake. We spent our first night in Corner Brook. We got our first taste of the local music and our first taste of tarts made from the local berries at a reception after dinner in our hotel lobby. ( click to enlarge all maps and photos, links are in red )

Day two started early - miles to travel and much to see. We drove to Gros Morne Provincial Park picking up Paul, our guide on the way in He gave us an overview of the park, a geology lesson on the TableLand and Long Range Mountains ( some of the oldest on the planet) and told us the moose we would see on the island were an introduced (to provide protein in the residents diet ) species that have seriously overpopulated the are harming the park. Along with Margaret, out tour manager he has started to train our ears to the dialect and some of the more colourful sayings.
We stopped at the Lookout for the scenery, short introductory movie and a tour of the information/display centre.

Caribou - my only sighting.

Black bear - my only sighting.

We continued on to Trout River, a small fishing village on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. still within the park. We got our first look at the brightly coloured buildings that dot the province.

Lobster season is over so all the traps have been pulled on shore.

Nets and anchors.

Little fang hanging out at the fishing shed

My one and only food photo- yummy cod chowder with home made bread.
We had lunch at a restaurant called The Loft in Woody Point, again still within the park. The town is along the south arm of Bonne Bay.

Bonne Bay.

We took the water ferry across the bay to Norris Point. Yes, there is fog.

Any time of the day is a good time for music. As the boat came into dock we were treated to some lively tunes and a bit of step dancing from Paul and Margaret. Every time you are entertained you have the chance to buy the CD.

The bus drove around, picked us up, made a stop at a old house open to the public at the top of a hill where we got a chance to look back on Bonne Bay and then it was just a matter of a long drive up the Northern Peninsula to Plum Point, to our next hotel.

Water on one side, mountains or great pine forests on the other. You drive for miles without seeing any side roads, other vehicles and few villages. Rugged and beautiful.

Gros Morne
Provincial Park

LongRange Mountains

Bonne Bay