Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tropical heatwave


Poppies are opening earlier than usual

Iris open and fade quickly.

It's still May and we've had to resort to air conditioning! I'm wilting. What happened to a gradual temperature increase to get my body acclimatized?


Kathleen said...

We've had none of that here. Coldest May on record, I'm thinking. Supposed to reach into the 60's next week!

Kelley said...

We've been in the mid 90's for awhile now. We've cooled down for a couple days...only 85 or so, but that's not supposed to last long. I hope you get at least a few days of cooler weather before full blown summer.

Leenie said...

Sending you some cool temps, wind and...maybe...snow! We don't want ANY MORE!

jeanie said...

How wonderful - I love me some flowers in the garden

Anonymous said...

Awesome flowers! Global warming maybe with the unseasonably hot temps?

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