Sunday, April 25, 2010

and for my 400th post, a little music

We went to a music event with my sister Catherine and her husband Eric last night. We were joined by their daughter Leila and husband Martyn and another couple to listen to a Halifax, Nova Scotia folk rock band that is a favourite of theirs.
Not knowing what to expect, but warned by our son that it could be loud, we went armed with ear plugs.
We certainly used them for the opening act. I never did hear their name and I'm not sure what it was they played but they did it with enthusiasm.

McGinty started at nine with a totally different sound and I had to wonder how pairings are made. I removed my ear plugs and settled back to some "down east" toe tapping music.

I'll be borrowing a McGinty CD or two from Eric and maybe then I'll appreciate the lyrics more.
videos from my Canon Power Shot A60 2mega pixel camera


Yesterday afternoon I bought some pansies and two new perennials for my garden. I won't be planting them today, we finally have the rain we've needed and it is rather cool outside.
I did a practice run with my new raincoat on my grocery run and it worked just fine.


Kelley said...

Looks like a fun evening. There are so many of your posts that really make me wish we lived closer.

Jayne said...

Sounds like a great night out :)
Got pansies blooming in hanging baskets here, in Autumn ;)

Leenie said...

Fun post. Live music is almost always better than listening to a recording. Glad you got the rain and the pansies. It rained a nice rain here has well.

Kathleen said...

400 posts! I think I've forgotten how....
Your musical evening looked like fun!