Friday, April 30, 2010

Beware the raging beast

For fifteen, twenty plus years that sweater has been taking up space in my linen storage drawer. It was kept because you were sure you would need to wear it some day. Every time I pulled it out and enquired you just couldn't part with it.

Well dear it is now going out the door in a bundle of stuff to the recycle shop along with all those flannel sheets that we "might need", all the slightly faded cotton top sheets without matching fitted bottoms and everything else we no longer use that has been taking up seasonal storage space for years.

GOING GOING GONE. And I'm NOT asking for your input.

Yes I'm slamming doors, muttering nasty words, stomping my feet and it hasn't made me feel any better because there is still twice as much STUFF tucked away that you and your son deem essential to the quality of your lives.



Leenie said...

You have a lot of company, Lady. You just hang in there and toss the stuff. Odds are very good he'll never miss it. My guy didn't, bless his heart.

Jayne said...

I'm with Leenie, I just toss the odd piece now and then and they're never missed.

Kathleen said...

You're not supposed to TELL just DO IT! I'm in that mode myself these, tossing, and being ruthless about it.

Rootietoot said...

totally agree. Just Do It. in 6 years when they say "whatever happened to..." you can go "I haven't seen it for years!"