Saturday, March 13, 2010

The weekend I lost my dining room

When I said, "sure you can work from home" I wasn't expecting to be invaded.

Can't help thinking it looks impressive though with all the screens glowing, earphones in place, video cameras linked in

and wires snaking across my carpet.

Some having to run into the living room to an additional electrical outlet and to the television.

Even with all this high tech gear a simple book still had a use.


Streaming Sports Network is covering the Canadian Women's University Basketball Championship at our local university and has simulcast rights with a local TV station, so Stephen is streaming the broadcast to their website all from my house.

He seems to think the catering services are above par and the working conditions decent. I'd better be well rewarded come Mother's Day.


Jayne said...

Good on you all for your hard work!

Anonymous said...

We'll take care of you.. ;)

Thanks Mom!

Bengt Neathery,
The Streaming Sports Network

traceelements said...

LOL - love it. It does look technically impressive, that's for sure!! How many days?!!


Three full days and he did a grand job cleaning up afterwards.

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