Wednesday, December 30, 2009

As the year ends

Paul has a compression fracture in his lower back.
The car needs to be repaired, probably just a new bumper
We need to find out why P. blacked out while parking the car at the store. He will be seeing an neurologist.

We are thankful no one else was hurt.
We are thankful for the care given at the scene by 2 young woman, the polite and kind handling of the situation by the police officer, the quick arrival of the paramedics* and the work of the emergency room staff at the hospital on Christmas Eve.

Paul is still in pain, spending most of his time in bed. I have become monitor of the pain pills, lady of the telephone, calling doctors and starting the insurance claim process, maker of light meals and -- OH NO washer of dirty dishes.

The turkey still waits in the freezer.
I am managing to play nurse with some competency.
I have Stephen who held me together when the call came in and got me to the hospital.
I have seen an improvement in Paul that he doesn't feel over the last few days.

I am weary.
I have moments when the tears flow.
I will keep doing one thing at a time.
I am eating chocolate but leaving the wine we got for the holidays.

*Paul feels cheated. Being totally out of it he didn't get to hear the sound of the siren from inside the ambulance...... he hasn't lost his sense of humour


Linda said...

oh my goodness. Keep eating the chocolate , it is for medicinal purposes and TAKE care of yourself!

Leenie said...

Wow. Crap really happened. Glad it wasn't worse. Good luck with all the nursing and paperwork garbage that comes with an upset in one's life. Grab some rest when you can.

Rootietoot said...

there's probably more wine where that came from. just sayin'

sometimes we just have to suck it up and do what needs doing. Sound's like youre doing just that. Go ahead and roast the turkey, drink the wine. Tell Paul I said the siren inside the ambulance is LOUD and annoying (I used to be an EMT)

Kathleen said...

Oh, Elizabeth...! I'm glad you BOTH have a sense of humor, but I know how stressed you are, especially until you find the cause of P's blackout. Will be keeping you in our prayers. And yes, drink the wine!

Jayne said...

Wishing Paul a speedy recovery and you some fun time to rest and enjoy the beginnings of 2010.

Libby said...

Hope that the New Year brings huge improvement in Paul's back and that you can both enjoy the turkey before long.
My little grandson, a bad asthmatic, had an emergency trip in an ambulance a couple of years ago. His sister is still telling everyone about the excitement of riding with the siren, unfortunately the cause of all the trouble has no memory of his exciting dash.