Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Every other week the city picks up our brown bags of leaf and garden waste.

Every other week in autumn you will see this gentleman wandering the streets ahead of the trucks loading the bags on to his homemade cart.

The city takes the bags to an area for composting and in the spring there are days when you can arrive with bucket in one hand and a food bank donation in the other and take compost home.

Leafman wheels the bags home piling some around his house and spreading others over his front and back gardens.

I'll wander down the street one day and see if I can get a picture through his hedge of plants and small trees.


Jayne said...

A leaf thief!
That's a good idea to collect composting/mulching material like that.
We've got 3 compost bins but not everyone can afford/have room for them.

Leenie said...

Interesting to see those nice brown bags for garden trash. Our black ones are such an eyesore.

I had the guys put the leaves from our trees around my roses to save them from winter kill.


The bags breakdown and become part of the compost. It's rather nice of the city to make it for us.
Our food waste is collected in green bins and gets recycled as well.

jeanie said...

What an excellent program!!

We get free mulch from our council - but the one time I took advantage, there was so much crap (as in rubber, plastic, tin!) in the mix that I grew disenchanted.