Thursday, October 15, 2009

Enough already

The weather is mimicking me. Dull.

Had a bit of a scare on Monday night and into Tuesday with a sore chest that felt worse with deep breaths and when I bent over. Paul wasn't content with me wanting to just wait and see if it got better so I called the doctor and because of my recent surgery the possibility of blood clot was mentioned and I was told to get it checked immediately.

So into the car and down to the Urgent Care Unit run by one of the area hospitals. They took an X ray, did blood work, hooked me to a machine and 3 hours later there I was with a prescription in hand for an anti-inflammatory as well as an antibiotic and on the way home. Once again first rate care by all the staff members I encountered.

My heart is fine, no clot just a muscle pull. At least that's not as embarrassing as indigestion, one of the ideas running through my head after a weekend of over eating.

Paul is now happy knowing it was nothing serious but he's forcing me sit and do nothing again. I am suffering from a mild headache thanks to the antibiotic medication and I think I could do with an afternoon nap. The muscle pain has gone so I've been able to stop taking that pill.

*sigh* Can't wait to be back to normal.

Canadian Thanksgiving
A link to the wiki site for Kathleen who was interested in the differences/similarities between our holidays.

NO - NO - NO. I just looked out the window and it is snowing. Not a serious stick to the roads and sidewalk kind of snow but snow nonetheless. NO


Leenie said...

Sorry to hear about your setback. It is a good thing you checked it out and made sure it was nothing serious. It is sure hard to be patient with healing after big surgery. Hang in there!!

We had a day of snow here, but it didn't stick. I was reminded to find my coat and gloves and make sure they were ready for the season.

Jayne said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, Elizabeth, and take as many naps as you need.
Your health system sounds really good over there - was the Urgent Care Unit public or private?
I don't mean to pry, it's just I don't know much about the Canadian public health system.

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

I am glad to hear that you are ok.
You just over did it. I am so guilty of that as well.
Take care of yourself. :)


Jayne: it's public... some of my taxes are used for health care.
There are some differences in each province so I don't know all the details but I know that I would be covered anywhere for basic care all across the country.
This is what I know:
My surgery had to be approved as it is a special procedure and when it was, all cost were covered.
The St Joe's Urgent care unit was set up to cover an area at the outer range from the hospitals and was less crowded but gives the same care with labs, xray and fracture rooms on site. I just arrived, showed my health card and was looked after. Transfers to a hospital would have to be made if you needed to be admitted.
There are some items not covered, most physiotherapy which was removed recently along with eye exams for people between 18-65. If you do have an eye condition you do get covered.
I can go to my family doctor, I can get xrays done, blood work done, a bone density scan done every other year and mammograms every other year for free.
Paul gets all his drugs covered once he pays the first $100.00 now that he's a senior and low income people can apply for drug assistance that is geared to income.
There are all kinds of complaints about the system, about the current staff and money shortage in our hospitals and about conditions not covered but I have had excellent service, I am not a heavy user of the system so it works for me.
Next week Paul and I will go to our doctor's office for our general flu shot and later will find out where the H1N1 shots will be given. Over the last several years the city has been setting up free flu shot clinics in the fall usually at recreation centres and high school gyms.
You can buy extra insurance or possibly be covered by an employer for things like dental and semi-private/private rooms and probably more items but we've never seen the need.

note: hospital parking lots charge a fortune !!!

If that's not enough of an idea try googling OHIP.

Jayne said...

Ahh, thanks, Elizabeth, sounds very similar to our health system here in Oz.
We're supposed to be getting "super clinics" to take the weight off the A&E depts of hosps, probably like your Urgent Care Units.

Kathleen said...

So glad that you are okay! And that you are getting excellent care. We have excellent insurance through hubby's employer, but a lot of people in this country don't. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months as that's a huge issue here right now.
Thanks for the Tgiving link!
And...snow? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I missed this with all my gallavanting around. Glad it didn't turn out to be anything serious.