Saturday, September 5, 2009

One hour drive - back to 1890

Donut maker. Roll it over the dough and it cuts out the shape and the hole in the middle

Ice cream scoops. Once you've got a scoop you turn the key at the top and it runs the scrapper ( light coloured tongue inside ) around the inside releasing the ice cream into your bowl.

A colourful notice in the paper this week advertised a Heritage Festival over the Labour Day weekend in a small community about an hours drive away. The craft show sounded interesting. The heritage demonstrations sounded interesting. 17 restored buildings sounded very interesting and vintage cars put a sparkle in Paul's eye.

We had a choice of 1950 and earlier cars today or 1950 to 1973 tomorrow. We decided on today. Didn't hurt that it was also seniors days and we do love a bargain.

Settled in for the duration.

Making maple butter.

A very sleek tractor.

We didn't miss a car, a building, a demonstration or lunch.


Rootietoot said...

oh wow I love those kind of events. What are those things at the top, anyway?

Jayne said...

Love those kind of days out :)
That tractor is gorgeous!