Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm home

Thanks everyone for keeping me in your thoughts.

Everything went well. I was discharged this morning at 9:am and have had 2 naps, a quick run to the surgeons when Paul became concerned about the blood on my new dressing...all is well and normal but the doctor was pleased to know he was keeping an eye on my.

Very little pain, just some discomfort that doesn't warrant any medication although we do have some in case that changes.

Lots to tell thanks about my hospital experience, which was excellent, once I recover from sleep loss.

Did you know they DON'T expect you to sleep well there?


Leenie said...

Worst hotel I ever stayed at. They come in and wake you up every hour or so just to see if you need a sleeping pill. Glad things went well.

Jayne said...

Thank goodness you're home, you'll get proper rest in your own home and bed.
Glad to hear all went well :)

Anonymous said...

Still thinking 'bout you and sending 'good recovery' vibes.

Kathleen said...

Oh good...I'm glad you're home and on the way to recovery. Hope you've got some good books stashed to read while you lay low for awhile!

Kathleen said...

By the way....doesn't this mean new clothes? Fun!