Saturday, September 26, 2009

Better and better

Trying to do nothing is very very hard.

I've hovered over the making of dinners.
I've stuck my hand into the making of lunches.
I've followed behind to the washing machine and made numerous comments.

I'm sleeping much better now that I don't have to sleep on my back, I'm a side sleeper.
I've had two showers and today I washed my hair.
The swelling is decreasing but now bruises show and I still have some seepage under the left breast but not enough to worry about. I see the doctor on Wednesday and can call sooner if I get concerned.

We went to the library today to pick up more reading material, Lost In Austen (DVD) and then to the grocery store. I bought grapes.

If you read English books you'll know that grapes are always taken to any main character who ends up in hospital and I didn't get any....and I noticed.


Kathleen said...

Grapes? Now why is that?
Glad you're doing better....but don't do too much! I would guess you're limited as to what you can carry weight-wise.

Anonymous said...

My mum has to have a back operation end of October - I'm wondering how she is going to do 'hovering' and waiting for Dad to do what she would have done.
If I was nearby, I'd definitely bring you grapes!
Good you're up to walking around and going out. Take it easy!


Grapes are moist and healthy and easy to snack on while resting.