Friday, September 11, 2009

Another beer

Pomegranate and berry extracts add a tasteful twist to this classic wheat beer. Made only once a year in limited quantities, this refreshingly unique taste is best enjoyed with light food fare, hot summer days and warm summer nights.

I enjoyed it with frozen pizza. Of all the flavoured beers I've tired I liked this one the best. Not an overpowering fruity taste, just a nice touch of sweetness.
I probably won't remember to watch for it next year and I'm not likely to find more it at the store now so I'll just have to see what turns up next.

Amsterdam Brewing Co


Kathleen said...

I've never tried a flavored beer...unless you count the gravy flavored one my stepfather bought one Thanksgiving! It was gross, needless to say.

Rootietoot said...

mmm...that sounds really refreshing. There's a local microbrewery in Alabama that makes an apricot wheat beer in the summer that is delightfully tart and refreshing. I like fruity wheat beers.