Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a difference 3 days make

The last project on my summer painting list was to finish covering the red plastic bricks in the kitchen. Now it's done.
When we bought the house oh so many years ago I decorated around them. To remove them would have meant totally re plastering all the walls. They had been adhered with the most vile grey cement, as seen in this picture, and I just couldn't imagine living with the work, the mess or the cost.
Several years ago I had the kitchen updated a bit and had wainscoting put in that at least covered the brick work part way up the walls.

Last spring I painted the majority of it but ran out of steam before getting to the area around the window.

Friday Paul removed the stainless steel panel from the wall that covered the area where the heat from the burners had melted some tiles. The panel he had fabricated. He used adhesive to stick down any loose tiles and I washed the area.

Saturday I primed with a special paint that allows you to paint over just about anything and got the first colour coat done.

The light top coat colour showed up areas that needed a tidy up with caulk so I put Paul back to work after dinner.

I got up early ( for me ) today and had the finish coat on by noon. Paul reinstalled the heat resistant panel on the wall, rehung my bundt pan and cheese board and I got the cookbooks back up on their shelf.

I'm happy.


Leenie said...

Wow! looks great! Fixing up the house is always a big project. Mess, inconvenience, decisions MONEY. Usually the results are rewarding. Your kitchen's face lift is a winner.

Jayne said...

Woohoo, well done on a great make-over!
It looks fab :)

OT - just borrowed The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society from the library.
And Phryne is pronounced Fry-knee ;)

traceelements said...

Well done on the DIY project. Looks heaps good (as my kids would say!) Plastic bricks?!!

Rootietoot said...

Very crsip and clean looking, far nicer than plastic (!?!) bricks!

Rootietoot said...

crisp, that is, crisp I say.


Maybe faux bricks would have sounded better but they are plastic like.

Kathleen said...

Looks wonderful! Good job!!