Friday, July 24, 2009

Just another July storm cloud.

I went to the grocery store and what did I see?
Plants on sale!
Do I have room for more plants?
So I did the only thing possible, I expanded a garden out front, moved a few things from the back and now I have my Russian Sage, White Lavender and English Lavender (left to right) all neatly planted together.
I even managed to find spots for all the day lilies I had to dig up.

This lovely flower grows on my Hens and Chicks and is a favorite snack for the chipmunk who thinks he owns my yard. He nips off the stem and flower head, drags them up on to my back porch and calmly fills his cheeks right before my eyes. He makes me think dark and murderous thoughts.

click on photos to enlarge


Jayne said...

Lovely :)
I like your Hens and Chicks plant, not quite as much as your squirrel does, but I can admire it from afar without the urge to gorge myself on it's petals ;)

Leenie said...

Hey, I'm with you on those plant sales. Just did the same thing. Brought home some painted daisies that were about dead and stuck them in a spot (after re-doing the dirt) that The Cat had decided was his new outside litterbox. Also went for the lavender, plus white phlox. (I think they saw me coming). Your new garden spot looks great! I think the word
"cheeky" was invented for chipmunks.

Jenn Jilks said...

My kind of gardener! Spur of the moment, I like it, I buy it and figure out where to put it later!
Thanks for visiting My Muskoka!

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