Monday, June 29, 2009

We visited a second garden, one within walking distance of our home. Paul wanted to play with a new-to-him digital so he took lots and lots of photos using different settings. He was the most interesting thing in the garden.

This lovingly restored farm house sits at the edge of a park on our route home. I want this house. Paul wants the 3+ garage that goes with it.

We caught site of this little fellow on a lawn as we got closer to home. This is Paul's photo, his camera having a slightly better zoom than mine.

Today on the way to the gym there was a dead rabbit on the road right at the same spot.

Wonder if it was this one.


Jayne said...

Love that farm house, it's a beauty!

Leenie said...

Fun photo of the photographer. Liked the pictures of the flowers and the farm house. Sorry about the bunny.