Thursday, February 12, 2009


Themis joined our family having met Ruth ( Paul's sister ) at a Scottish Dance Society. She went for the exercise and found a mate. We always enjoyed the idea of a Greek in a kilt. He did it proud.
The first photo I could find of him was Christmas 1989.

Seems most of our visits with them were at Christmas when they came here to eat turkey, drink some wine and share the holiday. This is 1993. They always spoiled Stephen, their only young relative, and he certainly looked forward to his visits with them in the summer holidays.

Christmas of 2008 saw us driving to their home in Toronto. Themis had developed prostate cancer and was starting to slow down, driving was difficult for him. I'm glad Paul got this photo of him with two of his three dogs..American Eskimos.

Ruth had been on her own for many years before meeting Themis. He was perfect for her.
They moved from Scottish dancing to elegant period dancing with Ruth making her own costumes and tricking them both out with great finds at second hand stores.
They drove out into the countryside to walk the dogs, they spent many summer days at beaches in the area.
They had fun!

Themis died this morning, peacefully in hospital.

We will miss him.


Jayne said...

Oh, I'm sad to hear that even though I didn't know Themis.
That was a lovely tribute to him, Elizabeth.

shishyboo said...

a beautiful tribute

Tracey said...

I'm sorry. Indeed a lovely tribute.

Libby said...

He sounds like a great fellow to have in the family, so sad for you to lose him. I'll be thinking of Ruth, and all of the family.

jeanie said...

He sounds like he was a wonderful man and a beautiful companion for your SIL.

Kathleen said...

I am so sorry for your loss. You are in our prayers. ((hugs))


Thank you.