Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time passes oh so quickly

I Won - Pat's Fantasy Hotlist.
Nothing like good news to finish off a week. I don't often enter contests. My luck with them is on par with winning the lottery so imagine my excitement when I found out I'd won a book. A book I'm looking forward to receiving and reading. Details at the link above. Thanks Pat. Keep an eye on his blog if you like sci/fi and fantasy.

Frying Friday- Our Great Southern Land
Seeing as I've managed one link here's another. Jayne keeps me well supplied with bits of interesting info through her blog and her links and I enjoy my daily visits. This particular entry got me pondering the advantages of cold weather. It might even make me feel better seeing as winter seems never ending this year.

In winter when heading outside you can add more layers to keep warm. In summer you can strip to the skin- if you dare- and you're done.

In winter you can buy all the ice cream and frozen goods you want and make several stops on the way home - you car trunk doubles as a freezer. In the summer you're lucky if things stay frozen walking across the parking lot.

In winter you can throw an extra blanket on the bed or just turn up the heat. In summer you can keep turning up the air conditioning but lord help you when the electricity bill comes in and remember that year when the grid went down because you weren't the only one ready to sacrifice your first born for more cool air.

In winter you don't have to cut the grass. Ok so there's snow to shovel and yes in the summer you get lots of nice colourful flowers but you can always stick out plastic greenery to break up all the white.

In winter you can , get to, are able to ............ darn run out of positives already.

Thought of one. In winter you can cook lovely roasts, simmer stews, let ribs linger in the oven til the meat falls off the bone. Yummy. It's almost worth being unable to send Paul out to the BBQ.


I found a used book store and have stock piled C.J. Cherryh novels the library doesn't own. I've got a list of movies and books to get posted on my other blog and I have a new pile of DVDs from the library. It's probably just as well the weather gives me a reason to stay indoors.


Jayne said...

I'll be on your doorstep in 5 mins, Elizabeth ;)

jeanie said...

Congrats on the book!

Another plus about winter - when your kitchen heats up with all that cooking, you ENJOY it!

And a 2nd hand bookstore with C J Cherryh - a real treasure!!

Jayne said...

Forgot to mention the congrats!
I've read a few of CJ Cherryh's book, I'm certain.