Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tearing down the house

It's autumn. I rake leaves this time of year and very kindly give them to the city to compost.
Some days in autumn it is pleasant outside.
Pleasant enough to enjoy working out of doors.

The temperature reached a unseasonable high of 20C this afternoon so Paul went to work taking down the rotting wood at the back door.
It went quickly because I stopped raking leaves and helped whenever a beam had to be lowered to the ground. I was careful. There were large nails!

Paul measures before he cuts. In fact he measures twice.

He removed all the nails and I got to sweep up the mess when it was all done.

Now we just have to decide what to do next.


Jayne said...

Good to know he measures twice and cuts once ;)
Maybe a little glassed in sun porch to trap the sunlight in Winter?


I'd love a great big deck but alas, any extra money will be better spent to do bedrooms.
Or I could travel.

Tracey said...

To Australia. :)

When he's done with your deck, maybe he could come on over and do ours!


He deconstructs only these days.

Still have my piggy bank and my lottery tickets .. someday

pixie said...

It may sound strange but I love the design on the leaf bags. It's like they are designer leaves.