Sunday, August 31, 2008

My day

The last long weekend of the summer brought us clear skies and warm temperatures 33C/92F and I felt the need to walk.

We haven't been doing much of that since we got home and I needed to get moving. Sitting around catching up on my reading is all well and good but I will have lots of indoor hours for that once winter arrives, especially if it's as cold and miserable as the Farmer's Almanac is forecasting.

We headed down our street towards the escarpment edge and we saw:

The rundown overgrown messy eye sore house and property on the next block had a full dumpster in the driveway and thankfully there was a neighbour out so I could be really nosey. The house was put up for sale and sold while we were away. It has been bought by a family renovation team and they have already started tearing out the insides. It has leaks in the roof, years of nicotine stains on the walls and a yard in an overgrown unattended state that has almost grown over and around the place.

The house on the corner that had the front lawn removed and shade plantings done looks better up close than from the car. The owner was on the front porch so of course I had to stop. She's pleased with it although would like a few of the plantings changed and does wish they had put in a more extensive weeping hose water system.

The house on the mountain brow that was just a foundation when we left is framed and wrapped, the windows and doors are in and you can now appreciate the size. Massive! Three car garage, right to the allowable property line limit..almost bang up against the older original homes and it's scary thinking that two more of the older one floor houses are up for sale and they could be bought, knocked down and replaced with other monster homes like this one. I can now appreciate the restraint shown by the one that started the trend.

We walked down the far steps and took the side access onto the Bruce Trail. I found myself a walking stick, I might just have to go out and buy myself a real one, as the path is rocky and has a lot of ups and downs and arounds. Usually we end up on the civilized path through the golf course but with all the hiking in BC under our belts we felt a tad more adventuresome and took the more natural/difficult path back towards the steps at the park at the end of our street. We fought off bugs and ankle turning tree roots and emerged soaked in sweat and smiling. I was sure you'd approve Tracey. *grin*

Great BBQ steak for supper and once I finish this and my cup of coffee I think I'll be in time to check out the Brit. mystery on TV.


Jayne said...

It's nice to come back and re-explore your neighbourhood for all the little changes.
It's scary what some developments are being allowed these days in residential areas.

Tracey said...

I do approve, of course!

Funny how things in the neighbourhood can change in such a short time.