Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day - 26 Cars cars cars

The threatened rain held off so it was a perfect Sunday morning and afternoon at the Blethering Place carshow
in Oak Bay.
Paul read about it shortly after we arrived, I swear he can sniff out anything to do with old cars, and it has been on our Do List ever since. He did take lots more photos but this is a good start.

Formula B race car

Jaguar XK 120 drop head coupe

Happy crowd.

Several blocks were closed off and the cars lined both sides of the street as well as some side streets. I walked it once, Paul actually went back after we'd finished our lunch in a cafe to walk it again....just in case anything had changed.

I was impressed enough the first time and play the patient wife while he indulged.

Home for a short rest of our legs and then we walked back down to Dallas road and took one of the trails down to the beach and had a good early evening stroll.
Dallas Rd Walkway
People walking, people with dogs, people with children and in one area people flying kites.

Tomorrow we head out to Parksville, Coombs, Port Alberni and Tofino. Rain is expected on Tuesday but we have raincoats and if our luck holds it won't be much.

I'm not packing the computer so I'll see you when we get back.

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