Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Stephen managed to maintain his cool and didn't roll his eyes or say "mother" in that odd "she's driving me nuts" tone, but I ended up in a puddle of stress induced sweat.

It was lesson day for my list of how do I? on my travel computer:
I now know how to find the trash bin and empty it.
I now know how to remove my photo memory card properly
I now know how to install my 4GB storage card and remove it properly.
I think, possibly hopefully, I did try it twice and take notes, I know how to move photos from the one card to the other via computer.

Am I ready to go it alone while on holiday? I'm about as confident as I am about being able to send text messages on my cell/mobile.

I did however get some nice photos so I'd have some practice material.

...and the first of the raspberries I picked yesterday. I'll be away for the main crop. Hope someone picks and enjoys them.


Jayne said...

Those pics are great and the raspberries look scrumptious!

jeanie said...

Yay on the newfound knowledge and power!!