Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 16 - Gentle rain

Paul sliced and toasted some of the fruit and nut bread for breakfast. Yummy. It is very dense and we didn't need more than a slice and a half each to fill up. Worth buying as a treat but not something I'd get on a regular basis if the bakery was right around the corner. Just too pricey for my blood.

Walked to the post office and stopped at a little antique shop on the way back. A very light rain was falling. We didn't need umbrellas but it was cool enough for jackets.

After lunch we did a shop by car, Paul having been out early with a bucket and sponge to clean off the mess left by birds in the parking lot. We needed wine to go with our cheese and crackers and for our steak dinner. Found a bottle of the Merlot we like and it was about the same price as we'd pay at home.

While at the grocery I picked up a newspaper so we could reacquaint ourselves with the world and also for the insert on happenings this holiday weekend. BC is celebrating it's 150 and there will be events in the main downtown area starting tomorrow.

Quiet but content day.


jeanie said...

We used to get a gorgeous Fruit and Nut bread from a Sourdough bakery near where I lived - the good stuff is very much a wonderful experience - and yes, very filling - but can be frozen for those treats.

Kathleen said...

We're a little soggy and gray here too. It's to clear by the weekend and be hot all next week. Sea Fair is going on in Seattle this weekend...hydroplane races on Lake Washington, with a Blue Angels air show.
If I'm not being too nosy, may I ask if your niece is away on a vacation of her own, or does she travel a lot for her job? What a wonderful opportunity for you to be able to use her apt.


She's in the navy (logistics officer) and is in Ontario on course.