Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 14 - not always perfect weather

We had a very light sprinkle of rain today so with umbrellas in hand we headed to the Royal BC Museum for an indoor day.

Seems every tourist in town had the same idea and not being one for long lines and hating the idea of fighting my way to the exhibits, we left. We will return on a sunny day when everyone else plays outside.

The Maritime Museum of British Columbia was also on our list so we headed there to see if it might be less busy. It must be overlooked by many visitors as it was almost empty, so in we went. Again we were pleasantly surprised by the size and scope of the material offered.
What we thought would be a 1 hour visit stretched to almost 3. I think we read every card and saw every bit that was one display. Most impressive.

After a late lunch we walked to Chinatown to have a better look around. Lots of fun little shops to visit as well as more decor, furniture and furnishing stores than I have ever seen.

Out and about for 7 hours today and most of it on my feet. How come I haven't walked off all my extra pounds??

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