Monday, June 9, 2008

I hate this

It's hot
It's humid

If it wasn't for my air conditioner I'd be spending all day in the cooler section of the grocery store.

I do think green .. I set the temperature at 27C .. in the hopes of reducing my carbon footprint (?) and also because I hate paying huge electricity bills. Mostly because I hate paying huge electricity bills.


Carl V. said...

I've been really disappointed this year in the lack of an actual spring. We went from upper 50's to upper 80's in what seems like a weekend. Today, oddly enough, I am freezing in my office because the air is on (which usually doesn't help at all) and it is rainy and a 'chilly' 74 outside. At this point I simply long for autumn!

Kathleen said... careful what you wish for, eh? We are having the coldest June since 1894. It is snowing on the is 44F here this morning, and it has been rarely over 50 for the past week. You might need sweaters, hats, and scarves when you visit next month!


Carl: we seem to be sharing much the same weather pattern.

Kathleen: noted. *grin*