Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Road Trip: April 3-10

We will cross into the USofA at the Windsor On/Detroit Michigan border, drive down through Ohio, stay the night just passed Cincinnati once we've crossed into Kentucky, continue through Tennessee and end up just south of Birmingham Alabama. Google maps tells me we should be 14 + hours in the car and cover approx.1,488 km. My niece Kelley is getting married.

We'll spend time visiting family, Paul will try and find all the car/automotive/aircraft museums we haven't yet visited and then we will head home.

This year I hope to miss the Dayton Air Museum in Ohio, ( we've been there twice ) but I think I heard Paul mumble something about a Packard Museum there.

You can click on the map to enlarge it


Kathleen said...

Safe travels! Hoping the spring weather will be glorious for your journey. And here's hoping he'll miss the exit to that car museum! Is just your niece living in Alabama, or is there more family there? Best wishes to the bride and groom.


My older sister and family (2 daughters) moved down for work purposes in the early 90's.

shishyboo said...

safe & happy travels :)

The Brave said...

That is some trip all the way down there. The wedding looked and sounded wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your neices special day.