Saturday, March 15, 2008

Running in circles while standing still

I have to learn to control "what if".

What if ...the exchange, card charges and shipping costs more than the gift
What if... gift certificates get lost in the mail
What if... I take cash and it gets lost at the reception

...and here I thought figuring out what to wear was the hardest part of a wedding.

Many phone calls, emails and hours of hair pulling later it's done. The gift cards are being purchased for us in the USA, I will get the money changed into US dollars at this end and pay my niece back and yes, I've settled on what I will be wearing.

Now just keep your fingers crossed that the car doesn't die. It has developed a new set of clanks starting another batch of "what if".



Kathleen said...

We'll be holding good thoughts for your trip. With the wack-o weather in this country, it's hard telling what you'll run into on your trip to Alabama. Chains for your tires might be a good idea!! Or, Mother Nature could smile upon us and Spring will burst forth as it's supposed to this week. We can hope.


Thanks. *smile*