Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's not fun anymore

This is ice. This is the imprint of my car tire in the ice. We have ice because it's cold. -33C with the windchill cold.

I didn't go to exercise class yesterday. I didn't go today. I probably won't go tomorrow.

The very thought of heading outside to pry open the garage door so I can maybe get the car started, that won't warm up the whole length of the drive, is keeping me indoors.

And now they are calling for snow. Snow that will cover the ice making it even more unlikely that I'll want to head out.

Remind me come midsummer when I'm complaining about the heat that I could still be stuck midwinter.

Thankfully I have some new books on hand. It's not likely this enforced captivity will force me to clean.


Kathleen said...

This has been some winter, hasn't it? I still don't think the mountain passes connecting both halves of our state, are open to travel. Maybe....But it's been brutal up there. Lots of avalanches, several feet of snow falling per day. Homes are being flattened. They are running out of places to put the snow from the roads. What a mess! BUT....we are not as cold as you! And I'm enjoying a gray, drizzly 45F day. Here's hoping SPRING is right around the corner! (Enjoy the books! I wouldn't want to clean either!!)

jeanie said...

Oh - can we swap a little, because we expect some steam here today!

I love your last line - that rings for me even as I am not snowbound.

Tracey said...

Yes, I could say the same with the rain keeping us indoors, but, heck, it's nothing like snow, ice, and the bitter cold....

Perhaps you should schedule your trip to Oz during your winter! It would be pretty tempting to get away from all that I'd reckon. There you go. Longer trip. Avoid snow. Problem solved!


Do you think there is one place, yes, just one place on earth where no one complains about their weather?

jpderosnay said...

oh dear! that really doesn't look like fun at all...! 'cause you're effectively trapped. (well, not truly trapped of course, but effectively...)

at least, as you say, you have some nice books...

how long will this weather last, then?


It ends when it ends. *sigh*
Snow today, warmer temps for the weekend but who knows what's coming next.

It's not all bad. The family across the street has made a snow family in their front yard. Kids and winter sports fan are loving it.