Monday, February 18, 2008

Glass under glass

Perfect on a cold, dull, snow flurry February Monday.
Our botanical garden is hosting it's second glass exhibit in the Mediterranean greenhouse.

I go for the plants as much as the glass and .. lunch out with my sister and niece.


jeanie said...

Oh how beautiful - so nice to see, and no doubt nice to be out and enjoying with people you live.

Anonymous said...

very cool. i can imagine it must be quite calming - i know i could use something like that now, with the day i'm having...!

i particularly like the second picture!

ELIZABETH said...'s my favourite of all the pictures I took.

Kathleen said...

Certainly sounds like a fun day! The glass is pretty...but it can't compare to the real flowers! If you like glass works, you might check out the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Wa. (south of Seattle) when you're in the area this summer. Lots of Dale Chihuly glass is on display everywhere. He has new work shops in Ballard and one in Tacoma, but they usually aren't open to the public.


Thanks K. I'll make note of any and all places you recommend. *smile*

The Brave said...

The glass vase at the top was beautiful. Are the trees budding over there yet? I am sorry to be missing the Canadian spring. The blossoms brought such a sense of hope after the dark, barren winter months.