Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stocking up

Paul collects wine information from the LCBO Food and Wine magazine and the newspaper: good buys, ideas, prices and a lot of recipes I'll never make, but he can take over the kitchen anytime he likes.

Today we made a list and went shopping.

These are the reds and these the whites
Our wine cellar ( the cool place in the basement under the stairs ) has never ever been this full at one time. Ontario, Argentina, Italy, France, California and Australia are all represented and range from $7.00 to $15.00 a bottle. Some we've had before, most are totally new to us.

Tomorrow I'm cooking a nice roast beef. Wonder what red he will pick to have with the meal?


Kathleen said...

I've been trying to be more experimental with our wine choices...tho most of our shopping is limited to the selections offered by Costco (they have quite a variety tho). I'd like to know what you had with the beef, and how you liked it. I have checked out the site you referenced. What does LCBO stand for???

Elizabeth said...

Made in: Venezie, Italy
sugar content 1, 750 ml, price, $7.00

Tasting Note:
Ruby/cherry colour; dark plum and blueberry aromas; light- to medium-bodied with a core of sweet, red berry flavours and a velvety finish.

We tend to drink only half a bottle with a meal so we had the leftovers with pasta the next night. It was a little harsher than some french merlots we've had but it really was pleasant. We plan to buy a few more bottles to have on hand. What we call, a keeper.

Liquor Control Board of Ontario.
Some grocery stores have areas that sell wine otherwise you have to go to a govt. store.

Kathleen said...

Thank you! I will look to see if that is available here.

shishyboo said...

the McWilliams white looks familiar (?) is that the Australian one?

Elizabeth said...

Yes. McWilliam's Hanwood Estate Chardonnay. our price: $13.20

Aussie red: Yalumba Y series Shiraz viognier. our price: $14.05

They made the sure-bet wines to have on hand list so we are giving them a try. We haven't tried them yet.

We get lots of Aust. wine here but it can be pricey. We hate paying more the $15.00 a bottle so these two suited us nicely.

I take suggestions. *smile*