Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday bliss

A perfect day for a Sunday drive. We stopped at an art fair and admired all the handmade glass, jewellery, fine prints and clothing, had lunch out and on the way home stopped at a roadside parking lot for a walk along a section of the Rail Trail. info
Some day we plan on taking our bikes back and travelling further along.

This farm and field is at the start of the segment we walked today.
The berries are about this size in real life. The trail. Wide enough for walkers, runners and bikes.

Current movies watched:

Conversation(s) with other Women. This one was recommended by my librarian friend and was a real surprise. Split screen, dialogue important, enjoyable. Worth viewing. I'd have called it a chick flick but Paul was equally impressed.

Total fun. We knew it was going to be good, it was great.


jeanie said...

Looks like a lovely walk - we keep intending to do the Sunday explore, but its enough effort for us to get over to the beach 2 blocks away some Sundays!!!

Kathleen said...

Oh how lovely! I have a husband who's had to work every Saturday (and some Sundays) since the last week of September...not to mention 10-14 hr days during the week...and we've had no chance to get out and enjoy the fall weather. I am so envious, we may disappear from our pew on Sunday morning! LOL!

jean pierre said...

wow! i love that photo of the path.