Friday, September 21, 2007

Still reading

DEBS At War. An interesting look at a part of history through the eyes of a set group. It gives personality to the dry bits we so often read. Book Description:Pre-war debutantes were members of the most protected, not to say isolated, stratum of 20th-century society: the young (17-20) unmarried daughters of the British upper classes. For most of them, the war changed all that for ever. It meant independence and the shock of the new, and daily exposure to customs and attitudes that must have seemed completely alien to them. For many, the almost military regime of an upper class childhood meant they were well suited for the no-nonsense approach needed in wartime. This book records the extraordinary diversity of challenges, shocks and responsibilities they faced - as chauffeurs, couriers, ambulance-drivers, nurses, pilots, spies, decoders, factory workers, farmers, land girls, as well as in the Women's Services.

Wizards. A good mix of short stories. Some I liked, some I didn't. All a matter of taste.

Yesterday I finally primed the last 2 basement windows. Today my back hurts. Once Paul gets at the caulking and I recover, I can give them the finished coat. With luck they'll be done before the first snow!


jeanie said...

The Debs one sounds fascinating - I love me some historical non-fiction with a twist.

Kathleen said...

Yes, the Deb book does sound really interesting.
Fall is certainly in the air around here. Love it!