Thursday, September 6, 2007

Almost weeks end

Finally. The library did an end run on me and got the third book in the series, The last Colony before buying me this one, The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi. Paul will be reading it next and I'll put a reserve in for #3. I enjoy Scalzi's style and the character Jared Dirac in this book was particularly special. Library Journal: The alliance of three alien races against interstellar humanity, the defection of a human military scientist, and the signs of an impending war call for desperate measures from the Colonial Defense Forces. The creation of the superhuman hybrid Jared Dirac from the DNA of the traitor Charles Boutin is intended to provide a window on Boutin's mind and on the reasons for the alien alliance, but the transfer apparently fails, and Dirac is assigned to the Ghost Brigades, Special Forces troops cloned from the DNA of dead men minus any moral qualms. The sequel to Old Man's War combines taut military action with keen insights into the moral issues revolving around developing technologies. Scalzi has a finely tuned sense of balance between personal drama and the "big picture"

The new kitchen light fixture is up in temporary mode. We will need to paint the ceiling and decide on the right height before Paul does the final install. So far so good, I'm sitting right under it, but I might just want it dropped a little closer to the table. I'll know better after this test run. I do like the newer look after years and years of the old one.

Gradually things are getting done.

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Carl V. said...

Scalzi is such an amazing author. I am so glad that I was introduced to his work by the review of another blogger a couple of years back. Did you see that a new novel set in this universe, entitled Zoe's Tale, is coming out in August 2008? I cannot wait to read it.