Sunday, August 26, 2007

Truly enjoyable

Consequences by Penelope Lively: What a lovely way to spend time. All the characters in this book are people you like, people you would enjoying meeting and getting to know, people you understand. You turn the page wanting to know what happens next.
I really liked "listening" to Lucas. His manner of navigating life and his way with words left a smile on my face. In fact I liked all the male characters in this novel.
I found nothing out of tune or awkward about the story and enjoyed the authors bits of insight and history that littered the pages.
I'm off to track down some more of her work.
Library Journal - Maureen Neville

This new novel by award-winning British author Lively (Moon Tiger) begins in the 1930s as Londoners Lorna and Matt meet, marry, and move into a rural English cottage, where daughter Molly is born. When Matt dies in battle during World War II, the shattered Lorna moves back to London to live with Lucas, Matt's business partner and friend. When subsequent loss occurs, the narrative shifts to Molly, now a smart, independent young woman looking out for her younger brother and stepfather while making her way in the working world. Later, as Molly negotiates midlife, the narrative shifts again, settling on Molly's daughter, Ruth, a journalist who is married with two children and yet yearns for happiness. Both in linear progression and through the resonance of past and present, this story pulls the reader along with captivating characters whose lives seem achingly familiar. Additionally, the story has a subtle thread about how family legacy can deepen one's perception and appreciation of life.


Libby said...

I've always enjoyed her work, I read each one as soon as I can get hold of it. Glad that you liked it too.

Elizabeth said...

I've reserved 2 at the library.

shishyboo said...

man you get through some books!

the titles you have covered sound really interesting and I probably wouldn't have considered them before.


Elizabeth said...

It's why I love my library. No cost involved in trying something new or different.

Kathleen said...

I haven't read this author. I may have to give her a try.
I'm almost done with "Sarah's Key"...and ready to start "The Memory Keeper's Daughter".
Man, I love books!

Tracey said...

I couldn't believe it - that book was actually in our library, so I've reserved it!

Elizabeth said...

Kathleen, author site for Sarah's Key.

I didn't like Memory Keeper's D. Didn't finish it. I'll be interested to hear how if you enjoyed it.