Monday, July 30, 2007

'tis the last Monday in July

Kimbooktu wants you, well a photo of your home library at any rate.

Her blog is well worth a visit and if you want to share a picture of your very own library/bookshelves it's fun being included.

I had Persian for lunch today. Rice and lentils heaped with eggplant and something plus spinach and onion served with a fresh green salad. A rather nice treat after a wander about our rather depressed downtown. Paul had dropped me off for a doctor's appointment and I decided to shop, have lunch and then bus it home.

I might have settled for New York Fries ( yummy ) if it hadn't been for the eager young face, grinning, offering samples and assuring me ...not spicy, very tasty.

I have one tomato turning red. It seems early to me but with all the hot weather we've been having I shouldn't be surprised. I must get some water on the garden this evening. The plants are in full wilt. I've decided that 'brown is the new green' as far as lawns are concerned in our neighbourhood.

So far we have avoided any watering restrictions probably because people this year seem to be taking water use as little more conservatively. I tell everyone I'm saving on my water bill so I can afford to pay for the electricity I'm burning up with my air conditioner.

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