Monday, July 2, 2007

Channelling Frustration

I tried.
I really truly tried.
Nice day, no place we had to be, so I suggested we get back at the bathroom.


By the time the men in the household finished using the bathroom I had swallowed my screams and headed outside with the scrapper and sandpaper and attacked the first of four basement windows.
Starting on the sunny side of the house on hot paving wasn't a treat, but I managed to work through my need to throttle the two of them.
The final colour will match the new doors and with any luck I'll get all the windows done this summer.
Paul did help. He cleaned the paint brushes.


Magic Bellybutton said...

At least he didn't "supervise".

Elizabeth said...

He did wander by now and again to remind me that I was working in the direct sun and he did offer to build me a tent!

strauss said...

We painted the entire exterior of our place last summer. I did 90% of the painting - he "prepared the area", waiting for this preparation was so frustrating. You would have thought we had antique persian rugs and medieval stainglass windows outside that the paint was going to drip all over, rather than dirt and ordinary old glass that slotches wipe straight off from.

Elizabeth said...

Husbands are such a joy.