Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh My - the sequel

I was up most of the night. Something in that meal just didn't sit right.

Light eating for me today.

Paul is fine.

Queenston Heights Restaurant Our host last evening


Murf said...

Boy, there's a riveting review that makes people want to experience it too. :-) I would have guessed from the city picture that you were in British Columbia. I suppose Ontario does have trees as well. :-)

Elizabeth said...

More than just trees. I live in a world biosphere: cue the fantastic music *grin*

truly the food was fantastic. I think it was the grapeseed oil some was cooked in that got me.

Are you in BC murf?

Murf said...

I am not. I've been to BC and it was a lovely place that once I learn the metric system, wouldn't mind living in but currently I'm in Michigan.

strauss said...

Oh Man, and it sure looked good too. Hope you are feeling better.