Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Distances don't totally deter friendships

Who wouldn't enjoy mail like this?
This is one of my favourites, it arrived shortly after I bought my new bike. I can always count on Bats to surprise me. She makes my mailman smile. Tracey was my first Aussie friend. She introduced me to Vegemite, shared family holidays with me via photos and is a computer whiz even if she doesn't always think so. She put together a lovely site for fang. Fang of the green dress. Fang, my avatar, who got to travel around while I sat at home and waited for photos. and E. Imagine the odds of us both being in London at the same time. We only had one day but what could be better than talking our way through the Victoria and Albert. If I ever get to Melbourne Aussie E. will get to take me to the museum, art galleries and if the season is right...the opera.
I faithfully buy my lottery tickets because when I win I'm buying tickets to Australia. As much as I want to see the sights I want to visit my friends. I want to see the kangaroo that visits Bats yard. I want to have Tracey take me to see the Big Banana and I want to ride a tandem. I want to sit in a cafe with E and watch the river and natter about this that and nothing. I want to refuse the Vegemite anyone might offer but I think I'll stock up on Tim Tams and Darrell Lea black liquorice.


This little fellow spent the day on my lawn. First the front and then the back. How he moved around is beyond me. I saw him stretch his wings and they sure weren't ready for flight. Hope he's tucked save and sound in a nest tonight. Cats wander the area.


Tracey said...

Awwww!! (((hugs)))
One day you'll get here, or we'll get there! I have a feeling I'd like Canada!!

That's me in the tree. :-)

Cute baby bird!!

Magic Bellybutton said...

That is so cool!

Libby said...

Maybe I'll win the lottery first and sample the stately homes of Ontario and the gastronomic wonders of Niagra with my friend E, or perhaps we might just happen to be in some other far flung part of the world on the same day. Stranger things have happened. We did have a great day at the V & A, didn't we?

strauss said...

Very cool. I took a look at Fang's adventures too - she gets around a bit doesn't she :)